What is From Dad With Love?

 FDWL is a personalized devotional book – it contains

31 letters from Father God to the reader BY NAME!

The reader’s name appears on each page!

“Makes a great gift!” :  birthday; graduation; mother’s day; father’s day…

Available in ebook and paperback.

Men’s version

Back Cover

Women’s version

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Enter your name and you will see a sample paragraph from the book.

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From Dad With Love To

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{{name | uppercase}}, I made you so I could enjoy a relationship with you. Do you know that I enjoy it when you spend time with me? Many of you have an incorrect picture of me – sitting motionless and emotionless on a granite throne…Some picture me without a face…I do have a face. It breaks into a big smile when I think about you.



Barry Ahlsten

I am a native Minnesotan, the son of a pastor, and have a background in the arts, having performed on stage and in street drama, as well as in front of a camera. I am one of the many who have been transformed by being in God’s presence and experiencing His love. This book came from a burning desire to see people everywhere introduced to the love of Father God.

What people are saying

I believe your devotional “From Dad With Love” is an anointed and very encouraging work that is truly God inspired.  Any reader that is looking for understanding of the Lord’s heart towards them will be strengthened and built up
Gayle - Wheaton
This devotional has really been a blessing for me.  I know God is love and He loves us unconditionally, but this devotional has magnified the depth of His love for me personally.
I have had a smile on my face all morning. My wife always reminds me that God is not mad at me. She is right. Thank you dad for reminding again.
Jon – Andover

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